Reti Açılışı Tuzak (Videolu Anlatım)

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Sicilya Savunması: Dragon Varyantı (Videolu Anlatım)

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Vezir Gambiti (Videolu Anlatım)

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İtalyan Açılışı: Tuzak (Videolu Anlatım)

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14 Aralık 2016 Çarşamba Sitesi Üzerinden Günlük Satranç Problemleri Çözüyoruz #1 sitesi üzerinden bu videomda günlük taktik olarak geçen satranç problemlerini sizler için çözmeye çalıştım. Videolarımı beğenerek ve kanalıma abone olarak bana destek olabilirsiniz.

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6 Aralık 2016 Salı

Sicilya Savunması: Alapin Varyantı (2.c3) [Türkçe Videolu Anlatım]

Yukarıdaki videoda Sicilya Savunması'nın Alapin Varyantını inceliyoruz. Açılışlara yeni başlayan ve orta seviyeli satranç oyuncularına 2.c3 hamlesinin analizini yukarıdaki videoda görebilirsiniz.

Chesstempo Sitesi Üzerinden Satranç Problemleri Çözüyoruz

Chesstempo (Beta) | Kolay Seviye | Türkçe Anlatım

Chesstempo (Beta) | Normal Seviye | Türkçe Anlatım

Chesstempo (Beta) | Normal Seviye | Türkçe Anlatım

1 Aralık 2016 Perşembe

Standart Satranç Maçları (10+2) (Türkçe Anlatım)

25 Kasım 2016 Cuma

Satranç Problemleri (Kombinezon) Çözümleri (Videolu Anlatım)

Ekibimvideolardan ize yeni katılan bir arkadaşımız, satranç problemlerini sizler için analiz ederek çözüyor. Aşağıdaki örnek satranç problemi çözümlerini izleyebilirsiniz.

Videoları beğendiyseniz, devamı gelmesi açısından Youtube kanalına abone olabilirsiniz.

22 Kasım 2016 Salı

Satranç Açılışı: İspanyol Açılışı (Ruy Lopez) Türkçe Videolu Anlatım

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13 Kasım 2016 Pazar

Chess: Wikibooks (Beginner) E-Book


11 Kasım 2016 Cuma

The Art of Chess


This book is a classic of chess. It is really a complete reference of all aspect of the game and suitable for beginners and casual players. Combinations are analyzed and presented in a clear and practical way, making it easier to discover patterns and see moves ahead more clearly.

Ten steps to learn Chess Tactics and Combinations: Short, Violent Games Of Chess


A note for players:
Here is a collection of very short games organised by tactical theme. The main aim is to give you a quick run-through the basic tactical ideas in genuine positions. One advantage of using short games is that you can set the positions up on a board very quickly and accurately. You can of course just use the diagrams as test positions.

I have selected as many of the games as possible from opening systems that are commonly recommended for improving players. This is the great main highway of chess, and the views to either side are wonderful.

A note for teachers and coaches
Anyone could have done this, and maybe you would have done it better, but you might find it useful that it has been done by someone else.

I find it as easy to play over a short game from the start position as it is to set up a position from scratch, so when working with players over a board I like to use this type of example.

Nearly all the games start 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3, which I hope means they will connect with, and reinforce, good opening principles for learner players, and show poor play punished. The exciting main lines of the Max Lange and Fried Liver Attacks feature throughout, and Damiano’s Defence endures some terrible beatings. There is an opening index by ECO code so you can run through several tactical ideas associated with one opening or even one variation.

Killer Chess Tactics


This is a book for players who want to play killer chess using the insights, concepts, tactics and combinations used by the greatest players who ever lived.
This fascinating book teaches you how to learn from the incredible combinations and sacrifices of fourteen World Champions, how the  champions used these brilliant stratagems to bring opponents to their  knees, and how they themselves fell prey to these deadly surprise  attacks. Packed with fascinating ideas, two hundred fully annotated  games, one thousand diagrams, and great practical advice for any player’s own games, you’ll learn how to use these powerful weapons, in easy-to-understand language and game situations from the champions themselves. This brilliant book will take any player’s game up several notches.