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A Startling Chess Opening Repertoire 13 Mb |PDF|

A Startling Chess Opening Repertoire (Cadogan Chess)
Everyman Chess | 1998-10-01 | ISBN: 1857445538 | 240 pages | PDF | 13 MB

Chris Baker has created a much more profound repertoire than most people appreciate. It is truly "startling" and well thought, yes as others have mentioned it's not always stupendously perfect but that is not its intention! The book has two major goals, one- to impart the wisdom of understanding ideas rather than memorizing the latest issue of whatever. Two- to equip the novice player with a repertoire that is build on development, open lines and good endgames. Baker takes on the "classic" approach of swift development that was forgotten and revives it quite well. After reading this book you may feel that you need to "graduate" Some of the openings that he offers, for instance, as fascinating as it may be the Max-Lange is probably not as sufficient as other tries - however, it is important to master none the less! Not to mention that it's fun!

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