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Tactics in the Sicilian 4.88 Mb |PDF|

Tactics in the Sicilian (Chess)

Gennady Nesis, «Tactics in the Sicilian (Chess)»
Batsford | ISBN: 0713470046 | 1993 | PDF | 192 pages | 4.88 MB

The Sicilian Defence is still popular at all levels of play and is particularly favoured by players such as World Champions Kasparov, Fischer and Tal. In this opening, perhaps more than any other, tactical awareness is a vital ingredient for success, as routine development can often be rapidly and spectacularly punished. However, most books on the Sicilian neglect this important area, leaving players ill-prepared for the rigours of competitive play. In this book the author attempts to readdress the balance, helping the reader to understand the common tactical motifs of the universally popular Sicilian Defence. Each theme is given thorough attention, helping the reader develop an understanding of the key ideas and giving readers confidence to tackle skirmishes in his or her own games.

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