1 Şubat 2010 Pazartesi

Em. Lasker "My match against Kapablanka"

"When in 1922, after long-term negotiations, repeatedly calling in question possibility of competition on championship in the world, two of genii chess thinkers sat down against each other, to begin unexampled in history of chess art fight, all the world caught breath, preparing to witness extraordinary yet tension of chess idea and will, exceptional on the deep penetration in truth of creation". P. ROMANOVSKY The electronic version of 2th edition of book of Em. Lasker is here presented "My match with Kapablanka" (1925) in which a world ex-champion analyses motion of fight of two brightest chess-players began XX ages for a world chess crown. 

(Kitapta Lasker vs Capablanca Maçları Analiz Edilmiştir.)

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