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Why We Lose at Chess by Colin Crouch (2010)

Why We Lose at Chess by Colin Crouch (2010)

Why We Lose at Chess by Colin Crouch
EVERYMAN CHESS | 2010 | ISBN 1857446364 | ingilizce | PDF 600 dpi | 192 sayfa | 2.77 MB
The main reason why we lose at chess is no big secret: we all make unnecessary mistakes! But simply acknowledging this fact isn’t enough to help us improve. The big question is, how can we eliminate these mistakes from our game, or at least keep them to an absolute minimum? Colin Crouch tackles this vital subject face-to-face. Drawing upon his considerable experience, he looks back at critical moments within games where mistakes are made, and examines how we can recognise the danger signs and avoid making impulsive decisions. The reader is constantly challenged by exercises, which provide perfect training for real over-the-board battles.

Essential training to eliminate mistakes
Advice on how to improve calculation and assessment
Includes over 50 carefully planned exercises

Dr Colin Crouch is an International Master, a tremendously experienced tournament player, a highly regarded chess writer and a regular columnist for British Chess Magazine.

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