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The Cambridge Springs

The Cambridge Springs by Krzysztof Panczyk and Jacek Ilczuk
Including a repertoire for Black when White avoids the Cambridge Springs
GAMBIT | 2002 | ISBN 1901983684 | İngilizce | PDF 300 dpi | 196 sayfa| 2.88 MB
The Cambridge Springs is a popular defence to the Queen's Gambit that takes its name from the famous tournament in 1904 during which it was tested in a number of games. Since then it has become firmly established as a club-player's favourite, since Black sets a number of traps and can generate a very quick initiative if White fails to respond precisely. Several world champions have used the Cambridge Springs, most notably Alekhine and Smyslov, while Kasparov has played it on occasion, including a sensationally quick victory over Karpov in 1985. It currently has a good theoretical reputation and is frequently played at grandmaster level.

This is the first major work on the Cambridge Springs. The authors combine thorough research with a wealth of original material to offer comprehensive coverage of this combative system. While the main body of the book covers both sides of the Cambridge Springs, it also offers Black a repertoire against White's alternative options in the Queen's Gambit, the most important of which is the Exchange Variation.

Krzysztof Panczyk has contributed to Cambridge Springs as an author. Krzysztof Panczyk is an International Master, an experienced tournament player and a knowledgeable writer.

Jacek Ilczuk is a noted theoretician and powerful correspondence player who was a semi-finalist in the email World Championship.

Gambit Publications specialises in chess and has an unrivalled reputation for originality and editorial excellence. The company is owned and staffed entirely by leading chess masters and grandmasters.


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