7 Şubat 2012 Salı

Boris Spassky's 300 Wins (Chess stars)

Kitap Adı:Boris Spassky's 300 Wins (Chess stars)
Yazar:Sergei Soloviev
Yayın:Chess Direct Ltd
Format: PDF
Boyut:10.85 MB

Açıklama: This list of masterpieces is, of course, incomplete and subjective. What thinks of that Spassky himself? To a question "Which one of your games you think is the best?" (an interview in Belgrade after the Match of the Century, where the World Champion Spassky lead the USSR team), Spassky answered: "It is hard to single out only one of your games. The game that is dearest to me is the one I played 10 years ago with the Leningrad player Reshko. But taste changes with time . . .


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