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Concise Chess Middlegames 26 Mb |PDF|

Neil McDonald, “Concise Chess Middlegames”
Everyman Chess | 2004 | ISBN: 185744356X | 240 pages | PDF | 26 MB

Some might say that it is impossible to learn middlegames in the same way you can with the more structured parts of chess: the opening and the endgame. However, although it's true to say that middlegame play is generally more difficult to categorize, there are still many aspects that can be taught and studied in an effective way. In this easy-to-read pocket-sized guide, Grandmaster Neil McDonald concentrates on the fundamentals of middlegame play, including attacking and defending the king, good and bad pieces, and strong and weak pawn formations. At the same time, McDonald is careful not to swamp the reader with too much information. He provides simply enough material so that you can enter this part of the game with the knowledge and confidence you require. Concise Chess Middlegames is a perfect addition to McDonald's other two books in this series: Concise Chess Endings and the best-selling Concise Chess Openings.

*written by a renowned middlegames expert
*includes all critical topics of the middlegame
*a pocket book ideal for club and tournament players

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