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Psycholog In Chess

This modern classic – by a grandmaster who knows grandmasters, talks with them, quotes them (and their writings) and tells stories about them – is based on articles that psychologist Krogius published in the USSR in 1967–1969. Contents: The Chess Image; Intuition in Chess; Attention; Some Deficiencies in Attention; What is Time Trouble?; Effects and Cures of Time Trouble; Tournament Tactics; Looking at One’s Opponent; The Study of One’s Opponent; Know Thyself; Emotions in Chess; Mistakes; and The Link Between Age and Success.

Psychology was a tool that helped move forward the “Soviet School of Chess,” and this very readable gem should help anyone from club player on up.

The chess player expects that psychology will help him by revealing the intellectual qualities needed for more successful play, and by demonstrating how to control the formation and development of these qualities. Psychological investigations will also define rather more personal problems, and so, if we analyse the peculiarities of a competitor’s play ,we can determine the most suitable training methods for that player, we can help him to study effective methods of calculation and we can help him to overcome problems such as recurrent time trouble. In this way psychological research may and should be utilized to improve the player’s performance by developing and maintaining his sporting abilities.

# 243 pages
# Publisher: Rhm Pr (June 1976)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0890580235
# ISBN-13: 978-0890580233



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