30 Ocak 2010 Cumartesi

How to Win in the Chess Endings 7 Mb |PDF|


How to Win in the Chess Endings: I.A. Horowitz
Three Rivers Press | ISBN: 0679140158 | 1957 | PDF (OCR) | 234 pages | 6.99 Mb
I've been playing tournament chess on and off for 25 years. I've achieved a CFC (Canada) rating of over 1900 and I am currently active [...]. I own five books on chess endings. In progression of recommended reading the authors are I.A. Horowitz, Znosko-Borovsky, Pachman, Speelman, and Reuben Fine's BCE for reference. The only one I read cover-to-cover was this one, and I did it twice! More complete endings books mean nothing without a good grounding. This book gives you that grounding. Learning chess is like making coffee. You need thousands of quality drops. This book is a few of those quality drops at the beginning. It's rich and flavorfull. It will enrich your (beginners) chess game!

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