1 Şubat 2010 Pazartesi

P. Romanovskiy "The best games"

Selected author's games can serve as a wonderful train aid. They are located on thematic principle, and the detailed notes to them, as justly P. A. Romanovsky specifies, expose «internal sense of processes of fight». In book entered games of author with Alekhin, Botvinnik, Kotov, Levenfish, Bondarevsky, Averbakh and many other great masters. Not always the class of game is identical in these parties, but there are deep and rich in content notes at unchanging high level". L. ABRAMOV
In this book the author in inherent himself analyses the select games in containing self-criticism manner. The deep and instructive comments of P. A. Romanovsky make happy everyone, who aspires to perfection and increase of class of the game sure. 

(P.Ramanowski'nin Analizli Oyunları)

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