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The Golden Treasury of Chess

I. A Horowitz, "The Golden Treasury of Chess"
Cornerstone Library | 1971 | ISBN: 0883650657 | ASIN: B001DK0A6A | 194 Sayfa | PDF | 15,2 MB

The Golden Treasury of Chess is one of the most popular and most often reprinted and revised chess books ever created. It is filled with hundreds of the most thrilling, exciting and surprising chess games ever played. It also includes articles about chess history and stories about how these great games came to be played. It has also become one of the most controversial chess books ever written. The controversy arises over the question of who is the true author of the work. This controversy is explained by Chess Historian Edward Winter in his column “Chess Notes”, in an article entitled “The Horowitz-Wellmuth Affair”.

The most famous collection of chess masterpieces ever published, brought up to date to include the games of Fischer, Petrosian, Tal, Spassky, Evans, Reshevsky, and many other contemporary grandmasters Compiled by I.A. Horowitz

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