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Winning Chess Combinations

Winning Chess Combinations
Winning Chess Combinations
Everyman Chess; 1st edition | June 1, 2006 | ISBN-10: 1857444205 | 256 pages | PDF | 9.27 Mb

Combinations are the central element in chess; they make the game so magical and captivating. The beautiful point of sacrificing a queen, the strongest piece, in order to checkmate with a lowly pawn brings a smile of joy to all chess lovers. Virtually all chess games possess a combination, either one hidden in the shadows of analysis carefully avoided or one that provides a decisive blow.

Winning Chess Combinations is a unique work that doesn't merely repeat the wonderfully rich and vast numbers of combinations, asking readers to solve a particular diagrammed position; it is a work that is far more realistic. A combination involves a sacrifice upsetting the balance of forces, but will it work or tragically boomerang? The reader is invited to solve this critical question by identifying the advantages that a specific position holds which might make the combination successful.

-Her seviyeye uygun kombinezonlarıyla ünlü oldukça iyi bir kitap.Kitabın dili ingilizcedir.

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