17 Ocak 2011 Pazartesi

Nigel Davies:The English Opening

Chess: Nigel Davies The English OpeningElearining 377.73 MBThe repertoire analysed on this new DVD is based around the move order 1 c4 and 2 g3. Following a short introduction (in which he shows how beat Nigel Short in a mere five moves – albeit when the future World Championship challenger was only eight years old), GM Davies methodically works through all of Black’s reasonable options of meeting 1 c4.He starts with 1…e5 (12 lectures) and then moves on to 1…c5 (8 lectures). Next up is 1…e6 (8 lectures), followed by 1…Nf6 (6 lectures), 1…c6 (2 lectures), before concluding with coverage of 1…Nf6 2…g6, 1…f5 and 1…b6 (one lecture each).
Boyut: 377 Mb. Video ingilizcedir.

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