6 Temmuz 2011 Çarşamba

E.C.O. Busted! by Sid Pickard (1993)

CHESS E C O Busted by Sid Pickard 1993
E.C.O. Busted! by Sid Pickard (Editors: Lou Hays and John Hall)
535 Refutations, Re-Evaluations, Novelties, Improvements
and Corrections to the "Encyclopedia of Chess Openings"

HAYS | 1993 | ISBN 1880673924 | İngilizce| PDF 300 dpi | 244 sayfa | 4.95 MB

Although E.C.O. is the Bible of modern opening theory, there have been numerous discoveries, both from tournament and postal play, since the latest editions. In these pages you will find hundreds of splendid opening traps, reversals, and pitfalls. The book covers virtually every opening played today, and the serious competitor is advised to study it in self-defense. After all, that's exactly what your opponents are doing!

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