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A Guide to Chess Improvement: The Best of Novice Nook

A Guide to Chess Improvement: The Best of Novice Nook
Dan Heisman | Everyman Chess | 2011-11-10 | 384 sayfa | İngilizce | PDF

A Guide to Chess Improvement features the very best of Dan Heisman’s multi-award winning chess column Novice Nook, which has run for the past ten years at the popular website ChessCafe.com. This book is full of valuable instruction, insight and practical advice on a wide range of key subjects: general improvement, thought processes, planning and strategy, tactics, endgame play, technique, time management and much more besides.

Heisman has thoroughly revised, expanded and updated his work to produce an easy-to-navigate guide. He has also included brand new and exclusive columns. Any player from beginner to expert who is serious about improving their chess should read this book!

*An essential guide to chess improvement

*Covers in depth all the key areas of chess

*Written by a distinguished chess instructor



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